Why a Professional Baby Sleep Consultant could be a worthy investment

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A sleep consultant’s major value add is to enlighten households on sleep health, the biological requirements of rest, risk-free rest practices, to review the timing of night/day rests of infants while providing clear support and guidance tailored to the parents. As an example, you might not be aware that there is extremely precise organic timing when it comes to sleep patterns and when you become familiar with those, and being able to read your baby’s sleepy cues, it will become a lot easier. One very common example that first-time mums may initially freak out at is when their baby wakes after 45 mins repeatedly – why would that be happening? The answer is that it is due to sleep cycles and your baby coming out of one around this mark if something is to disturb them or a loud noise they are more likely to wake than when in the midst of a sleep cycle. A baby sleep consultant will also assess the sleep environment of your child’s room and make recommendations to promote sleep. For melatonin manufacturing to be optimal, we want the room to be cool, between 20-22 degrees Celsius, and to also be dark. Blackout shades are perfect for making a room as dark as possible. Depending upon the child’s age, they might have a separate sleep area such as a crib, bed, cradle, Moses basket, etc.  If your child is older and has a night light, you might want to ensure that the light is red, yellow or orange which helps in the production of melatonin. We intend to stay clear of blue or green evening lights as they subdue melatonin. So if in your research you come across a baby sleep consultant that has professional experience in this field, you will have a much better chance of success. Completely Baby is a reputed and well-reviewed professional baby sleep consultant based in Australia. Run by Catherine Thomspon an experienced mother and previously a children’s nurse, she has a strong connection with babies and is passionate about helping parents to enjoy this special moment in their lives and help their babies flourish.

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