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State workers remain committed to the preservation of vital public services

February 1st

All eyes are on the state capitol now that the Governor and his administration are putting together their budget proposal. Those who understand the vital role robust public services play in helping turn around a down economy, and in protecting our most vulnerable, will continue to press all politicians to avoid damaging cuts by making sure the very rich and big corporations come closer to paying their fair share.  On the other side, the series of right wing, misleading and inaccurate attacks on the wages and benefits of public sector workers continue, and continue to require strong and concerted responses from public sectors workers, their allies, and honest public officials.  State workers remain committed to the preservation of vital public services and to the public structures that will support Connecticut’s economic recovery. SEBAC is ready to work with the administration to find needed savings while at the same time ensuring our state’s quality of life, jobs and future. Keep your comments going on the articles below as the conversation continues toward the Governor’s budget address. (more…)

The inauguration is past us – keep the public informed about the valuable work you do!

January 24th

The inauguration is past us and the legislative session has begun. Connecticut’s state employees continue to be at the center of the debate in the media on the issue of the budget. As Governor Malloy works toward his budget address on February 17th, it is important that the public remain aware of the value of public services and the need to preserve those public structures which provide the means for our economic recovery. Please post your comments on the articles below to keep the public informed about the valuable work you do! (more…)

A New Beginning – Join Us

January 12th

Connecticut has a new Governor!  With the new administration comes the beginning of a new legislative session and the hard work of righting Connecticut’s economy.  Difficult choices are ahead but the Governor has already shown great willingness to seek ideas from all sectors.  SEBAC is ready to partner with the new Governor to further those efforts.  Join us by posting your comments on the articles below! (more…)

The New Year Is A Time For New Opportunities

January 4th

The New Year is upon us – a time of new beginnings and new opportunities to make positive changes for a better future for Connecticut’s cities and towns, children and working families.  We can all make a resolution to work together toward an economic recovery that restores the quality of life we know Connecticut has to offer.  The state’s public structures are a key part of that recovery – its people the engine and our ideas the fuel to make it a reality.  Some opinion writers in the media only see doom – we prefer to see an opportunity for a move in the right direction.  We look forward to working with Governor-Elect Dan Malloy and his administration in 2011 to bring that innovation and ingenuity to work for all Connecticut citizens. (more…)

Help Build a Better Future

December 21st

2010 is drawing to a close and the prospect of a new administration with a new approach to solving the state’s problems presents opportunities to find innovative solutions.  However, the media seems intent on focusing solely on the pensions of state workers.  Tens of thousands of public service workers are eager to partner with the new administration as well as other working families to bolster our public structures that are essential to our economic recovery.  Let’s work together to build a better future for all of Connecticut! (more…)

Together We Can Create Jobs and Put CT’s Economy Back on Track

December 15th

Governor –Elect Dan Malloy is preparing to take on the responsibility of regenerating our economy, creating livable cities, and growing jobs as the January inauguration date approaches.  Unfortunately, much of the media remains focused on the narrower issue of the state budget.    

SEBAC and its members are preparing for the months ahead and are ready to partner with the new administration as it confronts not just a difficult budget, but the real challenges facing working families, and the lack of jobs and economic growth that are the root cause of the budget deficit.  By reinforcing our public structures that support economic growth, together we can create jobs and put Connecticut’s economy back on track.

 Below are some of the articles which appeared in the last week, including an Op-Ed by Governor-Elect Dan Malloy, in which he discusses the sacrifices needed to cure the state’s economic ills.  Please continue to post your comments online and send in your letters to the editor.  Your voice is important! (more…)

Add Your Voice and Make A Difference

December 7th

Governor-elect Dan Malloy is busy assembling his team for the new administration and is putting together his proposals for solving the state’s many difficult problems, the largest being how to get the people of our state back to work.  As the news articles below demonstrate, all eyes are on the new Governor and his ability to meet these challenges in the upcoming year.  Click through and add your comments to the others who want to see vital public services preserved. 

SEBAC is looking forward to an open dialogue with the Governor-elect on these important issues and as such has implemented a formal process for developing our own proposals to help meet the goals of saving taxpayers money while improving the public structures that are essential to our economic recovery. (more…)

Working Together, Help Find Real Solutions

November 30th

The holiday season is upon us and the budget challenges keep on growing for the new administration.  State employees are eager to work with Governor-Elect Dan Malloy and his team to help find new solutions to Connecticut’s fiscal crisis.  SEBAC leader Robert D. Rinker, Executive Director of CSEA/SEIU Local 2001, added his voice by providing some ideas in a recent op-ed to CT Newsjunkie (see link below).  The new administration is seeking input from the public as well – “Got Ideas? Suggestions?”  Add your voice to the suggestion being offered and include your thoughts by commenting on the articles below.  By working together, real solutions can be found and implemented to make a better future for Connecticut. (more…)

A State In Transition – Make a Difference Now

November 24th

This past week, Governor Rell passed along her last budget recommendations to Governor-Elect Dan Malloy.  SEBAC responded to Governor Rell’s transition budget which called for cuts to social services and a break with union contracts.  You can read that response below.  Meanwhile, Mr. Malloy assembled his transition team as he prepares for his inauguration in January.  Below you’ll find some of the news clips from the past week along with a commentary piece by the Journal Inquirer’s Chris Powell about Connecticut’s new Governor.  Next year will prove to be difficult not only for Dan Malloy but for all working families in the state.  Make sure that your voice is heard on the blogs and news websites by posting your comments and writing your letters to the editor – it does make a difference!    (more…)

Post-Election News – Continue to Make Your Voice Heard

November 10th

Connecticut’s election is finally over and the state has a new Governor-Elect in Dan Malloy.  How the new administration will tackle the challenges ahead and how the legislature will react to their proposals to solve the state’s fiscal crisis is yet to be seen.  What is certain is that public services will be at the center of the debate.  SEBAC members will continue to be a part of that discussion. 

To keep you informed about the public discourse on Connecticut’s ongoing budget crisis, we’ve provided some recent articles, editorials and commentaries that mention the state employee role in particular.  As always, please consider writing a letter to the editor or posting your comments online to demonstrate the importance of vital public services and the need for job creation in these difficult economic times. (more…)