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SEBAC Stands with Pratt & Whitney Workers, Urges Company to Keep 1,000 Jobs in Connecticut

by Matt O'Connor on November 30th

Leaders and members of the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) are speaking out in support of their union brothers and sisters at Pratt & Whitney in negotiations with United Technologies (UTC) over the outsourcing of 1,000 jobs. The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) had won a court victory earlier in the year to stop the closure of two engine repair shops in Connecticut, but the union contract expires this Sunday and the company has yet to reach an agreement with union representatives. (more…)

Governor Rell Proposes Cutting Social Services, Gutting Aid to Towns, and Breaking Union Contracts in Recommended Transition Budget

by Matt O'Connor on November 16th

Governor M. Jodi Rell put forward her transition budget on November 15 with suggestions on how to close the $3.4 billion deficit the state will face. In it, Governor Rell recommends cutting $1.1 billion for social services and municipal aid. The governor also recommends taking $1.75 billion in concessions from State employees over the next two years. (more…)

State Public Service Workers on Dan Malloy’s Election as Governor: “Ready to Work Together for a Connecticut that Works for All”

by Matt O'Connor on November 8th

Members of the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) this morning are congratulating Dannel Malloy and Nancy Wyman on their win as the next governor and lieutenant governor of the state of Connecticut. The Secretary of the State announced the results Friday evening after final ballots were tabulated in the closest gubernatorial election in more than 50 years.

Feel like a political football?

by Larry Dorman on November 1st

This fall, public service workers have been used like a political football.

Some candidates are willing to toss public service workers around — and threaten our jobs, our healthcare, our pensions and the services we provide — if they think it will help them score points.

Take Tom Foley’s campaign for Governor, for example.

Foley suggested voiding union contracts. He said: “Declaring a fiscal emergency allows a governor to no longer be bound by the union contracts.” Really.


Governor’s Final Report on Post-Employment Benefits Commission an Obvious Case of Political Gamesmanship

by Matt O'Connor on October 28th

With only days left in the 2010 election, Governor M. Jodi Rell’s Commission on the State’s Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) issued their final report on the issue of post-employment benefit plans. The group was tasked with completing its work this summer but Chairman Michael Cicchetti, who is also the Governor’s second in command at the Office of Policy and Management, released the recommendations at the closing moments of a political season where State employee benefits have become a main topic of debate. (more…)

Hartford Hospital’s “Morally Wrong” Tactics in Dispute with Health Insurer are “Shameful and Dangerous”

by Matt O'Connor on October 27th

The State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) has taken action in response to what it believes are violations of the protected privacy rights of its unions’ members by Hartford Hospital. At issue is the hospital’s direct communications with its own patients in an effort to use them for leverage in contentious negotiations with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. The coalition has filed a Health Information Privacy Complaint with the federal Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights on behalf of its members over the hospital’s actions. (more…)

Who do you trust to make healthcare affordable?

by Matt O'Connor on October 26th

Insurance companies continue to post record profit — but some politicians have the gall to suggest that it’s public service workers (not big insurance CEOs) who are making the health care system expensive.

Candidate for governor Tom Foley even claims that he can lower the cost of healthcare by 15%. Sound too good to be true? It is.

There’s no doubt, healthcare is too expensive. But let’s be clear: it’s public service workers who have supported real plans to lower costs. Tom Foley’s only plan is to reduce coverage.

But Tom Foley has a bigger megaphone than we do — that’s why we need you: spread the real truth about how to lower healthcare costs.

Click here to share the truth. (more…)

Tom Foley Comments Show Ignorance of the Law and Disregard for Middle Class and Working Families

by Matt O'Connor on October 12th

Leadership and members of the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) called recent comments by Tom Foley, the Republican candidate for governor, a demonstration of his ignorance of Connecticut state law and his callous disregard for the middle class who are struggling with job loss, a lack of vital public services and an economic recession. (more…)

A fleet of golden parachutes? Myth Busted.

by Eric Bailey on October 4th

Here’s another myth you might have heard before: public service workers get enormous pensions, and it’s bankrupting the state.

If you guessed that this one’s false too, you’re right again. But this myth is especially dangerous, because lame-duck Governor Rell is using it to push a package of destructive changes to public service workers’ pensions, including switching to a risky 401k-style plan.

So let’s break down this dangerous fairytale. There’s a lot to know, so buckle up. Here are the three big myths. (more…)

Are Public Service workers overpaid? Myth Busted.

by Matt O'Connor on September 23rd

It’s a common refrain, especially around election season. Politicians looking for something to run against often find overpaid public employees in the cross-hairs. According to Gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley: “compensation for state workers has caught up to or exceeded those of the private sector… – we simply can’t afford to keep doing what we’re doing.”

But is it true? Are public service workers really overpaid?

It’s not. (more…)