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SEBAC comments on budget deal between Governor and Legislative Leadership

by Larry Dorman on April 24th

The State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition on April 20 issued this statement regarding the budget agreement between Gov. Malloy and Democratic leaders. (more…)

SEBAC Comments on Governor’s Layoff Contingency Memo

by Larry Dorman on April 7th

The Malloy administration today sent instructions on layoff procedures to the heads of state agencies in anticipation of layoffs they say will be necessary unless there is an agreement with state unions. Absent any specifics, media outlets are speculating that thousands of layoffs would occur in July if there absent a new agreement. This is part of the governor’s so-called “Plan B” scenario which he has previously said would include “nasty and ugly” layoffs and public service cuts. (more…)

SEBAC Responds to CT GOP Leadership Attack on Union Stewards

by Larry Dorman on April 4th

It’s disappointing to see Connecticut Republicans using the 43rd anniversary of the murder of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to launch another attack on middle class workers.  Dr. King was killed as he defended the rights of public sector workers in Memphis to bargain collectively. (more…)

Don’t Feel Pressured To Retire Earlier Than You Planned

by Larry Dorman on April 4th

Because of the uncertainty of the discussions with the governor’s office and some of the recent statements made by the administration, some state public service workers are contemplating retiring sooner than they had planned. (more…)

SEBAC Comments on Gov’s “Plan B” Statement

by Larry Dorman on April 1st

As the budget process continues towards a hoped for final budget by June, SEBAC pledges to stay focused on our fight to rebuild Connecticut’s middle class.  (more…)

Malloy Administration and SEBAC Issue Joint Statement

by Larry Dorman on March 2nd

Mark E. Ojakian, Deputy Director for the Office of Policy and Management, and Daniel E. Livingston, Chief Negotiator for the State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC), issued a joint statement tonight regarding the meeting between the Malloy Administration and SEBAC leadership: (more…)

Response to Governor’s Budget Address: Connecticut Has a Revenue Problem, Not a Spending Problem

by Matt O'Connor on February 16th

In his budget address, Governor Dannel Malloy asked for middle class families, including state employees, to make significant sacrifices. While state workers agree that these are difficult times, it is our belief that Connecticut has a revenue problem and not a spending problem.

Asking middle class workers to accept higher taxes, and asking those middle class workers who are state employees to accept $1 billion in concessions, while asking Connecticut’s wealthiest residents to increase their tax rate only two-tenths of one percent does not seem balanced to us. (more…)

State Union Coalition Vows To Protect Public Structures

by Larry Dorman on February 15th

The State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) has been engaged in a long process with rank and file members to identify cost savings to help offset Connecticut’s budget deficit.  Toward that effort, state workers have already begun working with the Malloy administration to produce savings and efficiencies that don’t damage, and in fact enhance, the critical services and public structures needed to create jobs and turn the economy around. (more…)

SEBAC Welcomes Discussions with Governor Malloy; Stresses Importance of Public Structures to Support Economic Recovery

by Larry Dorman on February 7th

State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) leaders are meeting with the Malloy Administration to present savings and transformation proposals from frontline workers.  The first phase this process has been informal and expedited in the hopes of providing help in the state’s current fiscal crisis.  SEBAC welcomes the discussions with Governor Malloy but stresses that they are not negotiations, and have not involved collective bargaining issues. (more…)

Preparing for a New Administration: Finally Our Voice Can Be Heard

by Matt O'Connor on December 3rd

Connecticut has faced considerable budget battles in the past and members of the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) unions have always faced those challenges by working to achieve the highest quality services with the highest cost savings for the state. During the last two administrations, our ideas have mostly fallen on deaf ears. As we face the most difficult fiscal crisis in recent history, our members are looking forward to working with a new administration to share ideas about how public structures can help thrust our state’s economy out of recession. (more…)