Union Leaders Take Action on Reports of State Managers’ Longevity Bonuses

by Matt O'Connor on October 3rd

(Updated October 6)

Union leaders are responding to news reports that thousands of appointed officials, managers, and top agency officials would receive upwards of $7 million in longevity bonuses in October. The State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) is filing a grievance on behalf of the front-line members of its constituent unions for allowing the payments to go forward.

At issue is the understanding, under the recently ratified SEBAC 2011 agreement, that managers would make longevity sacrifices at least comparable to those made by the front-line workforce. Longevity payments were frozen for two years — but preserved over the long-term — for members of the unions in SEBAC. By paying the full October longevity bonus, some managers will never make equivalent sacrifices — particularly those who retire shortly, or those who already have 25 years of service.

SEBAC is filing the grievance because it believes that the comparable or greater sacrifice understanding must apply in the short-term as well as the long term, especially since as implemented there are some managers who woulnd’t sacrifice in longevity at all.

Click here to view the SEBAC grievance.

Click here to read the SEBAC 2011 agreement and learn more about union members’ efforts to take charge of their future for themselves and the public they serve.

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