State Employees Ratify Revised Agreement To Save Jobs & Benefits

by Larry Dorman on August 18th

(Updated August 19th)

Union members have voted overwhelmingly to ratify the revised SEBAC 2011 tentative agreement, and this morning it was adopted by representatives from the coalition of unions.

Nearly 26,000 members voted YES — that’s more than twice as many as voted no, and more than five times as many that were threatened with layoffs.

Fourteen out of 15 SEBAC unions voted YES in favor of the agreement — that’s over a 98% per capita vote taking into account the membership size of each union. And 32 out of 34 bargaining units — representing over 97% of our state union workers — voted YES to also ratify their bargaining unit contracts.

Now that the voting results are known, we are moving ahead to the future. Today, we are sending a letter to Governor Dannel P Malloy calling on him to reverse all the layoffs, rescind layoff notices and restore critical services. We are also urging an immediate start of the joint processes to streamline wasteful layers of management and implement front-line workers’ recommendations on cost savings.

Click here to access the letter.

One SEBAC union will not complete its count until tomorrow, but the outcome of this process is clear. Our members have spoken decisively and overwhelmingly. 

Click here to access a spreadsheet with the final vote count for each union by bargaining unit, reflecting the per capita vote results (UPDATED August 19th).

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