Laid-Off Union Members Returning to Work, Notices Being Rescinded as Legislature Approves Agreements

by Matt O'Connor on August 31st

The Connecticut General Assembly yesterday ratified the revised SEBAC 2011 agreement and companion bargaining unit contracts with the expiration of the review period since they were filed five days ago. Legislative approval means that the job security provisions for the 32 out of 34 bargaining units that ratified their companion agreements are now in force.

Permanent employees in those units who have been laid-off should have already received letters from their agencies returning them to work on September 1 — tomorrow. Additionally, permanent employees who had received layoff notices are in the process of receiving letters having them rescinded.

Governor Dannel P. Malloy has announced he is going ahead with layoffs in the two units that did not ratify their companion agreements.

With the restoration of many programs and services, a number of non-permanent employees  — trainees, per diems, those in their working test periods — are also being recalled or having their notices rescinded. This is not a guarantee from the agreement that leaders of the unions in the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) reached with the Malloy Administration. The job security provisions apply only to permanent employees; rather, it is a positive side effect resulting from the restoration of critical programs and services that had always been our goal.

There have not been any reports of problems or glitches with the return of laid-off workers to work so far. However members who do have issues should bring them to the attention of their union leadership, such as their elected delegates or stewards.

Click here to read the ratified agreement and learn more about union members’ efforts to take charge of their future for themselves and the public they serve.

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