Ratified Agreements Filed with the Legislature

On August 22, the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) filed with the General Assembly the SEBAC 2011 agreement and companion unit contracts that union members ratified last week. They will be automatically approved unless legislative leaders call the State House of Representatives and State Senate into special session before August 31.

House Speaker Christopher Donovan (D-Meriden) and Senate President Donald Williams (D-Brooklyn) announced they do not plan to schedule a vote, and will allow the agreements to be approved automatically on September 1.

The agreement on healthcare and retirement security provisions received the unanimous support of all 15 unions in the coalition and will apply to all state employees through June 30, 2022. Contract extensions were ratified by 32 of 34 bargaining units, and are effective through June 30, 2015. Only union members whose units approved them will receive the 4 years of protection from layoffs and three general wage increases included they provide.

Click here for OPM’s hand-stamped submission letters to the clerks of the House and Senate.

Click here for the signed certification of ratification.

Click here for documents estimating the cost of implementing the SEBAC 2011 agreement and companion contracts.

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