Get Answers to Your Questions on SEBAC’s Job & Benefits Security Agreement

Leaders of the coalition of state workers’ unions have been answering questions about the framework agreement reached with the Malloy Administration to save jobs, benefits, and services. As they finalized the tentative agreement to be provided to members for ratification, we are posting videos with more information online.

Several clips with answers to specific questions are linked below. They feature SEBAC’s chief negotiator, Dan Livingston, and the coalition’s Health Care Cost Containment Committee co-chair, Bob Krzys. Both were at the table during the discussions that produced the framework with four years of job security, enhanced healthcare benefits, and protected pensions for State workers.

Check back often for additional “Q&A” videos:

Click here to access the formal tentative agreement reached by SEBAC leaders and the governor’s representatives. Click here to access a “Q&A” sheet in a format you can print and share with co-workers and fellow union members.

Tell your co-workers not to trust the myths, rumors, lies being circulated by our opponents who want to force job, benefit, and service cuts. Tell them to come here and get the facts.

8 Responses to “Get Answers to Your Questions on SEBAC’s Job & Benefits Security Agreement”

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  2. Allpolitics Says:

    As a Tier IIA member I am also leaning to voting NO because SEBAC choose to make current Tier II and IIA members work longer or incur more expensive penalties for leaving early.

    How does this make sense? The most generous plans, Tier I and HD, the plans that actually can afford to give, under this agreement give nothing. Yet in the same agreement, SEBAC says it costs too much to have people leave early, we need them to work longer. So Tier II and IIA, who CURRENTLY already have an early retirement reduction of 21% if they leave at 55 instead of 62, will increase to a 42% reduction. Additionally, because they may leave at 55, they need to pay higher health insurance premiums.

    But, an HazDuty person who leaves in mid 40’s or Tier I member who leaves at age 55 a incurs no additional cost with their retirement or their health insurance (and HazDuty, due to their employment, I assume have more health insurance costs. Yet they don’t pay).

    Basically this plan makes Tier II and IIA subside already generous pension and health insurance benefits to the other plans that were the only ones who could afford to give SOMETHING. But they give VERY LITTLE.

    I hate to say it, but I’m leaning to voting NO. I like the 4 year no layoff clause, that was a gift. I am willing to participate in shared sacrifice. I’m willing to accept the changes to Tier II and IIA, but only if HazDuty and Tier I give equally.

    It should be shared pain, shared sacrifice for ALL the employees. Its that simple.

  3. Art Vandelay Says:

    I just do not get everyone! Why is it when you need the help of the union, they are your best friend. When they try to “Negotiate” for all of us, they are selling us out or screwing us. Look at what they have achieved for us in the past. Sick days, pensions, health care, vacation and pay increases. Don’t get me wrong, it is some what self-serving, but what the heck do they gain if we revolt against there efforts?

    It is the same thinking as most of the residence of CT. They look at us as the bad guys. Like we are the reason why the state is in the mess it is in. Why do we need to be like them and blame our union negotiators.

    We will have to make concessions. How many of you do you think can honestly say we can walk away from this unscathed? Keep your eye on the big picture. Republicans are trying to provoke all private sector into thinking we are enemy #1. It seems to be working.

    How many strangers in CT will you tell that you are a CT employee? They may not say things to your face, but check the blogs of your local newspaper. Listen to conversations when people start talking about taxes. They are angry and when people are angry, they tend to look at everyone that has what they don’t as the culprit.

    I am voting yes and when things goes to hell in a hand basket because all you no voters think we can get something better, then you will blame the union and not yourselves for not accepting this offer.

    One last note. If you think that the Union is selling you out now, if you vote no, how do you think this will change any of the negotiations? Do you really think that your no vote and basically a lack of confidence vote in their ability in trying to look out for our interests, is going to get you their backs?

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