SEBAC Responds to CT GOP Leadership Attack on Union Stewards

by Larry Dorman on April 4th

It’s disappointing to see Connecticut Republicans using the 43rd anniversary of the murder of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to launch another attack on middle class workers.  Dr. King was killed as he defended the rights of public sector workers in Memphis to bargain collectively.

It would have been better if  GOP leaders took time out to honor and try to understand Dr. King’s legacy of fighting for equality and for an economy that provided decent wages and benefits for all working and middle class families.

For the record, however, the claims and figures of state Republican leadership are wildly inaccurate, and show ignorance of both the actual workings of state government and the lives of working families.   Stewards help resolve problems before they get larger, in the cheapest and most cost effective way possible, and bring difficult and important issues to the attention of management.

The alternative of civil litigation when worker’s rights are violated is many times more expensive and much more likely to interfere with the critical services the public needs. There’s a reason for the famous phrase “Don’t make a federal case out of it.”

If they would focus on real issues instead of protecting the big multi-state corporations and Wall Street tycoons who pay so little in taxes, and if they would stop making up problems that aren’t even real, Republican leaders might actually make a contribution toward meeting the state’s economic and fiscal challenges. And that would be something to be proud of, instead of politics as usual on this somber date.”


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