SEBAC comments on budget deal between Governor and Legislative Leadership

by Larry Dorman on April 24th

The State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition on April 20 issued this statement regarding the budget agreement between Gov. Malloy and Democratic leaders.

“We are pleased to see that the budget has seen some improvements, such as asking the very rich to pay more of their share, as opposed to other ideas, like eliminating the property tax credit, that further hurt struggling working and middle class families.

“We would still like to see much more asked from big multi-state businesses and the very rich who have so far been the only ones to share in our state’s so-called economic recovery.

“We will continue our discussions with the governor to see if common ground can be found between him and those struggling middle class families who happen to work for the state.

“Our touchstone, as always, will be fairness – not just to our members but to all working families – and preservation of the vital public services and public structures that will support economic recovery for everyone, not just the privileged few.”

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