SEBAC Comments on Governor’s Layoff Contingency Memo

by Larry Dorman on April 7th

The Malloy administration today sent instructions on layoff procedures to the heads of state agencies in anticipation of layoffs they say will be necessary unless there is an agreement with state unions. Absent any specifics, media outlets are speculating that thousands of layoffs would occur in July if there absent a new agreement. This is part of the governor’s so-called “Plan B” scenario which he has previously said would include “nasty and ugly” layoffs and public service cuts.

SEBAC leadership has made it clear that layoffs of any workers, public or private, not only damages the lives of working families, it further depresses the economy and leads to spirals of still more layoffs and slowdowns. And “nasty and ugly” public service cuts and a further depressed economy are the last thing Connecticut’s communities need right now.

That’s why SEBAC leadership continues to be engaged in discussions with the Malloy administration. We are committed to identifying mutually agreeable solutions that will help grow the economy, create jobs and give hope to our flagging middle class. We are committed to preserving vital public services and structures that are essential to Connecticut’s economic recovery.  We have also said that should “Plan B” occur, our members will fight not just to defend themselves, but to defend all working and middle class families.

No matter what happens, public service workers will continue to work with fellow middle class and working families throughout our state, and with our community allies in advocating for a state budget that reflects true “shared sacrifice, ” a budget that asks our biggest corporations and ultra-wealthy citizens to step up to the plate in ways they have yet to be asked.  With unity and mutual respect, we will help return our state to a place of fairness and pride for all working families.

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