Malloy Administration and SEBAC Issue Joint Statement

by Larry Dorman on March 2nd

Mark E. Ojakian, Deputy Director for the Office of Policy and Management, and Daniel E. Livingston, Chief Negotiator for the State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC), issued a joint statement tonight regarding the meeting between the Malloy Administration and SEBAC leadership:

“The Malloy Administration and SEBAC representatives met tonight (March 2). We engaged in a respectful and frank discussion. We agreed to continue meeting and that the substance of our meetings would not be discussed in the press. We hope these discussions will be productive and yield positive results”

One Response to “Malloy Administration and SEBAC Issue Joint Statement”

  1. Foxinn Pak Says:

    If they don’t offer an ERIP, especially for the most senior state employees, the unions don’t have a snowball in Hell’s chance of convincing their members to vote YES. Times are tough, and will get tougher. I can’t blame any state employee for voting NO. A 1/4 of the state deficit, from less than 2 percent of the state population? That’s not right. All this talk about numbers, and projections doesn’t add up, and insulting the state employees like they constantly do, will have a HUGE negative impact in the very immediate future…………….One woman’s opinion

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