State workers remain committed to the preservation of vital public services

All eyes are on the state capitol now that the Governor and his administration are putting together their budget proposal. Those who understand the vital role robust public services play in helping turn around a down economy, and in protecting our most vulnerable, will continue to press all politicians to avoid damaging cuts by making sure the very rich and big corporations come closer to paying their fair share.  On the other side, the series of right wing, misleading and inaccurate attacks on the wages and benefits of public sector workers continue, and continue to require strong and concerted responses from public sectors workers, their allies, and honest public officials.  State workers remain committed to the preservation of vital public services and to the public structures that will support Connecticut’s economic recovery. SEBAC is ready to work with the administration to find needed savings while at the same time ensuring our state’s quality of life, jobs and future. Keep your comments going on the articles below as the conversation continues toward the Governor’s budget address.

Week in News – Jan 25 through Feb 1, 2011

Malloy Outlines Budget Rules, Close To $2B In Cuts Planned – CT Newsjunkie – Jan 25, 2011

Malloy To Offer No-Increase Budget – Hartford Courant – Jan 25, 2011

Question: How many commissioners does it take to run CT? – Brian Lockhart Blog – Jan 25, 2011

Malloy Sends Message With Labor Appointments – CT Newsjunkie – Jan 26, 2011

Friend or foe? Donovan’s view on budget critical to new governor – CT Post – Jan 27, 2011

Budget crisis could impact higher ed’s fiscal autonomy – CT Mirror – Jan 27, 2011

Report: Reduce Retirement Benefits – Hartford Courant – Jan 28, 2011

Some legislators want governor to have more budget authority – Stamford Advocate – Jan 29, 2011

Malloy Unveils Sensible Budget Framework – Hartford Courant – Jan 30, 2011

Wall Street taking a closer look at Connecticut’s ailing pension fund – CT Mirror – Feb 1, 2011

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