State Union Coalition Vows To Protect Public Structures

by Larry Dorman on February 15th

The State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) has been engaged in a long process with rank and file members to identify cost savings to help offset Connecticut’s budget deficit.  Toward that effort, state workers have already begun working with the Malloy administration to produce savings and efficiencies that don’t damage, and in fact enhance, the critical services and public structures needed to create jobs and turn the economy around.

SEBAC previously stressed that these discussions have not included collective bargaining issues.  This has not changed.  Multiple media outlets have erroneously reported that the Governor was calling for $2 billion in concessions.  So far our discussions with the administration have involved only savings proposals.

We vow to continue to work with the Malloy Administration both in the short term and the long term to make the ideas of front-line public service workers part of the permanent process of transforming state government to better serve the families of this state. We have always been a part of those real solutions.  Whether the proposed budget had $1 of assumed savings in it, or $10 billion dollars, we will work hard to protect and enhance the public structures Connecticut needs for a better future.

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