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Who do you trust to make healthcare affordable?

by Matt O'Connor on October 26th

Insurance companies continue to post record profit — but some politicians have the gall to suggest that it’s public service workers (not big insurance CEOs) who are making the health care system expensive.

Candidate for governor Tom Foley even claims that he can lower the cost of healthcare by 15%. Sound too good to be true? It is.

There’s no doubt, healthcare is too expensive. But let’s be clear: it’s public service workers who have supported real plans to lower costs. Tom Foley’s only plan is to reduce coverage.

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Tom Foley announced his plan several weeks ago to reduce healthcare costs. It would allow some employers to offer health insurance in name only — plans that skimp on lots of things you count on, from mammograms to autism to prostate screenings to maternity care.

Insurance will be cheaper, according to Tom Foley’s logic, if it doesn’t cover as much.

Public service workers, on the other hand, have been fighting for years to lower the cost of healthcare for everyone in Connecticut.

At the federal level, we pushed hard for a public healthcare option, which would have provided real competition for the big private insurers. Big insurance companies would have to think twice before hiking rates if they had to compete with a public option.

At the state level, public service workers advocated for a plan — which passed in the legislature, only to be vetoed by Governor Rell — to lower costs by allowing small businesses, non-profits and even municipalities to buy into the high quality, low-cost State Employees’ Health Plan.

Here’s the key difference: public service workers think quality healthcare is important and want to give more people the ability to afford it. Tom Foley doesn’t have to have real answers, because he’ll always be able to afford coverage. He just has proposes cutting benefits for sick people and disguises is with campaign rhetoric.

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