State Workers on Governor Rell’s Budget Proposals: The Administration Must Focus on Jobs & Economic Recovery

by Matt O'Connor on February 3rd

Leaders and members of the State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) were at the Capitol today for the governor’s budget address as Connecticut begins its 2010 legislative session. Governor Rell addressed the General Assembly to deliver her proposals for closing the budget deficit. While her proposals avoided additional devastating spending cuts which have already cost our state nearly 50,000 jobs, they did little to address the underlying problems facing Connecticut.

“We need a bold vision and real programs to put the people of Connecticut back to work” said Catherine Osten, President of CSEA/SEIU Local 2001. “We tried to provide ideas in our 18-point plan which we presented to the governor’s representatives last week. The governor should be working with the legislature and key stakeholders around the state to make our government into an engine for economic recovery that will put people back to work” she said.

In 2009, members of SEBAC’s unions contributed close to a billion dollars in labor cost savings to help reduce the budget deficit. Last month leaders continued that effort by providing the governor with a long list of win-win ideas to help get the economy growing again. Suggestions included allowing front-line worker to identify efficiencies in State agencies, reducing duplicative bureaucracy, reforming our outdated tax structure, and empowering the State Contracting Standards Board to begin saving taxpayer dollars.

CSEA is one of the thirteen unions in the State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC), which serves to unite approximately 45,000 Connecticut State Employees to address issues of common concern. To learn more about the coalition’s campaign for a fair budget and a livable state with great public services visit

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State Workers ‘Jobs for All Working Families’ Proposals (18-Point Plan)

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  1. Patrick Stein Says:

    E.R.I.P………Connecticut employee’s have given a very large amount of give backs ,thus doing there part in this crisis. Come this spring open the ERIP to 52-54 year old State employee’s…….Now is the time to decrease state government………Do it in one sweep……..
    E-MAIL THE GOVERNOR and/or your STATE REPRESENTITIVE ask to OPEN UP THE ERIP AND SAVE CONN. Millions More during this economic crisis.


  2. Phil Says:

    We need this E.R.I.P Please pass this so people can move on with there life . This should have been offered last year!!

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