The economy is tougher than it's ever been. Cutting vital public services like education, healthcare and public safety will only leave families suffering more.

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Response to Governor’s Budget Address: Connecticut Has a Revenue Problem, Not a Spending Problem

by Matt O'Connor on February 16th

In his budget address, Governor Dannel Malloy asked for middle class families, including state employees, to make significant sacrifices. While state workers agree that these are difficult times, it is our belief that Connecticut has a revenue problem and not a spending problem.

Asking middle class workers to accept higher taxes, and asking those middle class workers who are state employees to accept $1 billion in concessions, while asking Connecticut’s wealthiest residents to increase their tax rate only two-tenths of one percent does not seem balanced to us. Read more…

State Union Coalition Vows To Protect Public Structures

February 15th

SEBAC Welcomes Discussions with Governor Malloy; Stresses Importance of Public Structures to Support Economic Recovery

February 7th

Preparing for a New Administration: Finally Our Voice Can Be Heard

December 3rd

SEBAC Stands with Pratt & Whitney Workers, Urges Company to Keep 1,000 Jobs in Connecticut

November 30th

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State workers remain committed to the preservation of vital public services

February 1st

All eyes are on the state capitol now that the Governor and his administration are putting together their budget proposal. Those who understand the vital role robust public services play in helping turn around a down economy, and in protecting our…

The inauguration is past us – keep the public informed about the valuable work you do!

January 24th

The inauguration is past us and the legislative session has begun. Connecticut’s state employees continue to be at the center of the debate in the media on the issue of the budget. As Governor Malloy works toward his budget address on February…

A New Beginning – Join Us

January 12th

Connecticut has a new Governor!  With the new administration comes the beginning of a new legislative session and the hard work of righting Connecticut’s economy.  Difficult choices are ahead but the Governor has already shown great willingness to seek ideas…

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